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DR Lawn Edger LE15081


DR Lawn Edger LE15081

Take your yard to the next level with the DR PRO Edger. Cut professional quality edges anywhere on your property—along sidewalks and driveways, around flower beds, even next to curbs!

If you are ready to graduate from handheld edging tools–as well as the arm fatigue and wobbly edges they so often produce–the DR Lawn and Garden Edger is the tool for you. It features a 4-wheel platform that is much more stable than the more common 3-wheel models, and it's stacked with professional features! A curb hop wheel (rear right wheel) allows you to straddle a curb, with one wheel at street level, making it easy to track in a straight line and create precise cuts. For edging around flower beds, the cutting blade pivots 15 degrees in either direction so you can make attractive bevel cuts for containing mulch. You'll get a manicured look that will enhance your landscaping, and make your lawn care efforts shine!


  • Engine: 8.1 fpt (179cc), OHV
  • 9" Blade, heat treated alloy steel
  • Manual Start
  • 6 Cutting depths (.5" to 3")
  • Pivoting blade for bevel cuts (+/- 15°)
  • 4 Wheel design (6" x 1.5")
  • Weight: 71 lbs. (Man. Start); 73 lbs. (Elec. Start)

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