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Essential Series GS 54

Ultra low maintenance, plug and play design. The Essential Series GS 54 spa is a round style spa with 4 to 5 seats. The plug and play design allows you to enjoy a hot spa soak in no time with very little set up or technical requirements.


Essential Series Spas Options

GS 11 Specifications

Jets: 11
Massage Pumps: 2.0 hp, 2 Speed Pump
Seats: 4-5
Lounger: No
70.25 in × 29.5 in
Water Capacity: 222 USG
Weight: 220lbs Dry Weight
Balboa Digital LED Controls
3″ Underwater LED Light
Locking Access Door

We are proud to offer a dependable and luxurious spa at affordable prices.

Built in the USA

The Essential Series spas are built to run consistently in all seasons and ease the tensions that everyday life can bring.


Decreased anxiety and stress

Relief from lower back pain

Improved range of motion

Relief from symptoms of arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

Improved sleep

Ease sore muscles