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You’re on your way to a rewarding lifestyle.

Owning a hot tub or swim spa will have a positive impact on your life in countless ways. From a fun way to exercise to enjoying family time free of technology and of course, the stress relief on your mind and body that comes from hydrotherapy you can rely on years and years of countless benefits. You can be confident that you have purchased one of the highest quality spas in the industry.


Cost of operation

Estimating your operating cost has many variables that play into an honest answer to this most common questions. Be aware of other claims that fail to consider factors such as the frequency and time of each use, set temperature, ambient temperature and cost of electricity where you reside. It is our estimate after years of serving in the hot tub and swim spa industry, with select energy efficient features, one can enjoy low energy costs for only a few dollars or less a day while indulging in the many benefits of home fitness and relaxation.