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Gas Inserts

No Power? No Problem. Stay warm by your gas fireplace.

Valor Gas Stoves
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Gas inserts are designed to be installed within an existing masonry cavity or fireplace and uses the existing chimney as structure to run venting for the unit. Inserts are typically a lower cost option compared to a zero-clearance renovation, or replacement of your existing masonry fireplace.

Versatile in their design, inserts can change the style of a room from traditional to contemporary depending on the desired media options.

Upgrade your existing wood-burning gas fireplace with a reliable, heater-rated gas insert. Valor is one of our industry-leading gas insert brands and offers products that boast state-of-the-art comfort controls, a wide selection of distinct designs and impressive heat performance.

ValorStat Remote Control System

With your thermostat at your fingertips, the ValorStat remote is convenient, reliable and easy to use, helping you program your fireplace to suit your living space. The wireless connection simplifies installation and is ready to go once the fireplace is installed.

No Fan Necessary

We firmly believe that you shouldn’t have to put up with the constant buzz of a fan to be warm. Our fireplaces utilize radiate heat and secondary heat exchangers to naturally circulate warm air by convection throughout the room.

Energy-Saving Features

Save on home energy costs with an efficient Valor gas insert by eliminating any unwanted drafts and/or heat loss. The self-modulating system uses less energy to produce a beautiful and realistic radiant fires, and will turn down to pilot if the unit hasn’t changed flame output for 8 hours

A Fireplace for Every Space

Valor gas fireplace inserts offer endless design options. With fronts in both traditional and contemporary styles, unique firebox logs and liners, and convenient surround options—we offer a style for any room decor.

Valor Zero Clearance Gas Stoves

Valor zero clearance backing plates meet industry standards for framing a new fireplace. These backing plates are typically smaller and are made for framing a new fireplace where non-combustible materials are required directly above the unit.

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