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From Start to Finish

We provide expert service from LOCAL technicians to make every step towards owning your swim spa a breeze. We can come to your home to inspect the placement of your swim spa and help you prepare your space for a smooth installation. Unlike other stores or buying online, we won’t drop your swim spa at the curb. We utilize crane delivery to place your swim spa exactly where you want it. During delivery, we can also install accessories like steps. Check out our gallery of deliveries to help you buy with confidence!

Platinum Spas Swim Spas

These Swim spas have been crafted with advanced technology are designed for relaxation and exercise. They can accommodate up to 6 people, providing a perfect place for spending time with family and friends. With various uses, including swimming, strength training, and relaxation, they offer a convenient and comfortable backyard experience.

platinum spas eros swim spa at country homes power

Eros Swim Spa

5 People

helios swim spa platinum spas

Helios Swim Spa

6 People
Dual Zone

platinum spas zelus swim spa

Zelus Swim Spa

4 People

Viking Spas Swim Spas

Offering dual zone hot tub and swim spa combo and standard swim spas from 13 feet to 19 feet.

viking spas swim spa thor overhead

Thor Swim Spa

3 People

viking spas swim spa odin overhead

Odin Swim Spa

6 People

viking spas swim spa asgard overhead

Asgard Swim Spa

5 People

viking spas swim spa valhalla overhead

Valhalla Swim Spa

6 People
Dual Zone

Marquis Spas

The Ultimate Swim Spa Experience

Aquatic Training Vessels™, a division of Marquis Corp., were brought to market in 2014 and have since earned a loyal following among competitive athletes and recreational swimmers alike. Whether you want the ultimate challenge or the ultimate escape, ATV™ swim spas are the perfect complement to your backyard oasis or vacation property.

Shop Marquis Aquatic Training Vessel Models

ATV-17 Kona Swim Spa | 204″x89.5″x61″  |  2,400 gal  |  53″ depth
ATV-17 Sport Swim Spa  |  204″x89.5″x61″  |  2,400 gal  |  53″ depth
ATV-14 Sport Swim Spa  |  168.5″x89.5″x56″  |  1,725 gal  |  48″ depth
ATV-14 Splash Swim Spa  |  168.5″x89.5″x56″  |  1,725 gal  |  48″ depth
V150P Swim Spa  |  150″x90″x50″  |  950 gal  |  43″ depth
V150W Swim Spa  |  150″x90″x50″  |  1,200 gal  |  43″ depth

PDC Spas

TruSwim® Propulsion Swim Spas

The real swimming machine with patented technology for the widest, smoothest most even swim and fitness current. The TruSwim® unique dual propulsion design guarantees an incomparable aquatic fitness experience with endless possibilities.

PDC TSX15 Swim Spa | 180″x92″x56″ | 114″ Open Fitness
PDC TSX17 Swim Spa | 204″x92″x56″ | 124″ Open Fitness
PDC TSX19 swim Spa | 227″x92″x56″ | 148″ Open Fitness
PDC TSX219 Swim Spa | 227″x92″x56″ | Swim Spa & Hot Tub

What’s the difference between propulsion and jetted?

There are two main swim spa current systems in the marketplace.

Propulsion Systems  | These swim spas use one or more propellers to power their swim current.

Jetted Systems  | By far the most common swim spa resistance system. These swim spas create their current using powerful jet pumps to force water through 2 or more swim jets.

PDC Spas

Summit™ Series Swim Spas

The Summit™ Series delivers a powerful jetted swim current ideal to swim, jog or walk against. Powered by 3 high-powered, adjustable Elite Pro™ jets, each model offers customizable fitness sessions and multi-user programs to achieve everyone’s fitness goals in the privacy of your own home.

PDC SX15 Swim Spa | 180″x92″x56″ | 15′ long, 36 jets
PDC SX17 Swim Spa | 204″x92″x56″ | 17′ long, 2 seats
PDC SX19 Swim Spa | 227″x92″x56″ | 19′ long, 160″ fitness
PDC SX219 Swim Spa | 227″x 92″x56″ | 14′ swim spa and hot tub
PDC SX219s swim Spa | 227″x92″x56″ | side step swim spa and hot tub

We have swim spas in stock ready for delivery at both of our store locations. Start a quote by sharing your information and what type of swim spa, features and accessories you’re interested in by clicking the Start A Quote button. We can let you know what is in stock and on the way. We will help answer any questions you may have about current offers, special financing and delivery options. We look forward to helping you find the perfect swim spa!

PDC Spas

Synergy™ Series Swim Spas

The Synergy™ Series feature two high-powered Elite Pro™ jets for a variety of family fun and fitness opportunities. Walk, jog, run, swim, or just relax in the warm swirling waters for a healthier, happier you.

PDC FX15 Swim Spa | 180″x92″x56″ | 15′ long 36 jets
PDC FX15s Swim Spa | 180″x92″x56″ | 15′ with step
PDC FX17 Swim Spa | 204″x92″x 56″ | 17′ long, 2 seats
PDC FX19 Swim Spa | 227″x92″x56″ | 19′ long, 160″ fitness
PDC FX219 swim Spa | 227″x92″x56″ |14′ swim spa and hot tub
PDC FX219s Swim Spa | 227″x92″x56″ | side step swim spa and hot tub

PDC Spas

Vitality™ Fitness Spas

Staying fit and living well is easy with the Vitality™ Series Fitness Spas, pleasing both your wellness goals and budget. Use the resistance of the high-powered Elite Pro™ jet for fitness therapy and massaging therapy jets for the whole body wellness you deserve.

PDC SL12s Swim Spa | 144″ x 92″ x 56″ | 12′ with side step
PDC SL15s Swim Spa | 180″ x 92″ x 56″ | 130″ open fitness
PDCSL15 Swim Spa | 180″ x 92″ x 56″ | 15′ with 2 seats

hot tub trade in for swim spa

Experience Relaxation and Wellness with Our Swim Spa Collection

Your search for the ideal spa ends here!

Our collection of swim spas provide the performance and designs sure to deliver the wellness and relaxation you crave. The perfect fusion of a hot tub and swimming pool, a swim spa offers hydrotherapy and a fun place to exercise or just play! Plus you can adjust the temperature of the water to enjoy all year round.

With a variety of lengths, current styles and exercise features, you’ll find the perfect spa to fit you and your home. Whether you’re a seasoned swimmer, new to aquatic training, or looking for a family bonding location, we have the best option for you.

Main Swim Spa Benefits

Owning a swim spa offers unique fitness benefits for all ages and fitness levels. Adjustable currents allow customized workouts, improving cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and overall fitness. The low-impact environment is ideal for rehabilitation, elderly users, and those with mobility issues, enabling diverse exercise options like swimming, aquatic jogging, and resistance exercises.

A swim spa offers relaxation and hydrotherapy benefits with warm water and massage jets to relax muscles, reduce pain, and relieve stress. It improves sleep, manages chronic pain, and enhances mental well-being, providing therapeutic relief after a tiring day or physical workout.

Year-Round Use:
Swim spas offer year-round use with advanced heating systems for temperature control. They can act as an above ground pool for pure summertime fun as well as function as a cozy retreat in winter effectively beating the winter blues and allowing aquatic exercises to continue.

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