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Marquis Swim Spas for Health and Fitness. 

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The Ultimate Swim Spa Experience

Aquatic Training Vessels™, a division of Marquis Corp., were brought to market in 2014 and have since earned a loyal following among competitive athletes and recreational swimmers alike. Whether you want the ultimate challenge or the ultimate escape, ATV™ swim spas are the perfect complement to your backyard oasis or vacation property.

Take advantage of Marquis spas unique ability to deliver a full range of benefits.  Hydrotherapy, hydro-massage and hyrdrostatic pressure mean your Marquis swim spa is a great fit for both exercise and recovery.  Practice full strokes, leg kicks, banded-resistance and even rowing.  Contact us for a test swim, site visit, or custom swim spa fitting.


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Marquis Swim Spa Benefits

Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in heated hydrotherapy and the jet-powered hyrdo massage you’d find in a hot tub, with the added benefits of a swim spa’s hydrostatic pressure.  Hydrotherapy can help to reduce muscle and joint pain and reduce inflammation.  Relaxation helps to lower blood pressure, and relieve the stress of the day.  Ending your day with a soak promotes a healthy circadian rhythm and provides a new place in your home to entertain friends and family by soaking in the sunset together.

Marquis Swim Spa Design

As swim spa experts, Country Homes Power can help you to choose the perfect swim spa for your unique needs.  The Marquis swim spa line is more comfortable for certain body types, and the size allows for better movement.  Marquis offers a hybrid design (V150 and V150W) which allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds without any sacrifice of swim spa features you’d find in other models.  Exercise, recovery, relax and entertaining are all made easy with this line.

Fitness Features

  • Full range of motion swim strokes
  • Stationary kick training
  • Banded resistence
  • Rowing
  • Low-impact step training
  • Stretching
  • Water aerobics
  • Warm ups
  • Weight-training and post-workout recovery
hot tub trade in for swim spa
Aquatic Training Really Works because…

Aquatic training is an important and vibrant part of the sports, fitness, health, and wellness disciplines today. Whether you are motivated by competition, conditioning, injury recovery or simply seeking a better balance for your health, aquatic training is the perfect solution for you. With your body immersed in water you improve your health performance without the impact of land-based exercises. Aquatic training takes the pressure off bones, joints, muscles, and tendons, which can help with injury recovery. Health professionals recommend regular aquatic training because it supports sore limbs and can decrease swelling and inflammation and increase circulation. It also helps improve your strength and fitness stamina, as well as your range of motion.

Main Swim Spa Benefits

Owning a swim spa offers unique fitness benefits for all ages and fitness levels. Adjustable currents allow customized workouts, improving cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and overall fitness. The low-impact environment is ideal for rehabilitation, elderly users, and those with mobility issues, enabling diverse exercise options like swimming, aquatic jogging, and resistance exercises.

A swim spa offers relaxation and hydrotherapy benefits with warm water and massage jets to relax muscles, reduce pain, and relieve stress. It improves sleep, manages chronic pain, and enhances mental well-being, providing therapeutic relief after a tiring day or physical workout.

Year-Round Use:
Swim spas offer year-round use with advanced heating systems for temperature control. They can act as an above ground pool for pure summertime fun as well as function as a cozy retreat in winter effectively beating the winter blues and allowing aquatic exercises to continue.

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