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Platinum Spas Swim Spas

The benefits of a hot tub and swimming pool in one

Crafted for efficiency

Five different types of insulation is combined to retain the heat within the cabinet by the Superior Heatlock Insulation Process

Dual Zone Swim Spa

The Helios offers a warm hot tub zone and cool swimming zone


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The Platinum Spas Collection of Swim Spas

platinum spas eros swim spa at country homes power

Eros Swim Spa

5 People

helios swim spa platinum spas

Helios Swim Spa

6 People
Dual Zone

platinum spas zelus swim spa

Zelus Swim Spa

4 People

Is a Platinum Spas Swim Spa right for you?

Platinum Spas has three impressive swim spas for sale: the Eros, Helios and Zelus. These swim spas have been carefully designed with leading technology, allowing you to create an environment suitable for both relaxation and exercise.

These swim spas can cater for up to 4, 5 and 6 people, too. This means that you can choose to enjoy the experience with friends and family.

A swim spa has various uses, so whether you’re spending the evening swimming, strength training or relaxing, you’ll have somewhere that allows you to do all of this in the comfort of your own backyard.

Start with a free at-home consultation

At Country Homes Power we are focused on making your spa purchase low stress. After all, that is what the spa lifestyle is all about! We encourage you to schedule your free at-home consultation to have our expert spa techs help you plan for your spa. They can review what preparations may be needed before we deliver the spa to your home. This is a great time to get your unique questions answered and personalized advice on creating your backyard retreat.

Main Swim Spa Benefits

Owning a swim spa offers unique fitness benefits for all ages and fitness levels. Adjustable currents allow customized workouts, improving cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and overall fitness. The low-impact environment is ideal for rehabilitation, elderly users, and those with mobility issues, enabling diverse exercise options like swimming, aquatic jogging, and resistance exercises.

A swim spa offers relaxation and hydrotherapy benefits with warm water and massage jets to relax muscles, reduce pain, and relieve stress. It improves sleep, manages chronic pain, and enhances mental well-being, providing therapeutic relief after a tiring day or physical workout.

Year-Round Use:
Swim spas offer year-round use with advanced heating systems for temperature control. They can act as an above ground pool for pure summertime fun as well as function as a cozy retreat in winter effectively beating the winter blues and allowing aquatic exercises to continue.

Making Spa
ownership easy.

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Free At-Home Consultations

Start planning your retreat with a consult from our spa techs.

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White Glove Delivery

Professional delivery to your precise location with spa dolly or crane. *Local consultation and deliveries.