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What to Consider in a Gas Fireplace

Many homes are built with gas fireplace inserts that are what we call “lookers.” They are beautiful, modern and accentuate the style of a home. But when it comes to doing its job of heating your home, many fall short with noisy fans blowing heat into the air. Consider installing a fireplace that boasts powerful, long-lasting heat to your home along with providing beauty and stunning life-like flames.

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A Comparison of Valor Brand Gas Fireplaces

Valor Radiant Gas Fireplaces

Valor is rated with space heaters so we put Radiant Heat Technology into every fire. You can feel it.

Convective heat without a fan
Valor’s exclusive Secondary Heat Exchanger and our aerodynamic firebox naturally improve convective heat—without a fan. Convective heat complements the radiant heat of our fireplaces.

Stainless Steel burner
Valor’s precision stainless steel burners don’t rust, and create an enhanced flame and ember glow that produces radiant heat.

No power. No problem.
Valor fireplaces heat without electricity—even in a power failure—and save you money on your electricity bill.

Ceramic glass
Valor’s durable and robust ceramic glass improves radiant performance by absorbing and distributing radiant heat.

Aluminized steel and powder-coated paint
Built to last, Valor’s aluminized steel fireboxes handle high temperatures, delivering efficient radiant warmth. They feature a baked-on powder-coated paint that offers a better texture and a more durable finish.

Logs for aesthetics and heat
High definition, low mass fiber ceramic logs heat up and glow quickly. We harness the radiating warmth from our logs, just like real logs.

Remote control
Every Valor comes with a remote control. You can adjust and program the flame for constant, even warmth without having to cycle the fire on and off.

All Valor fireplaces are heater-rated. And, Valor Radiant Zone Heating is up to 25% more efficient than central forced air systems.

Valor puts their fires through rigorous safety testing in our in-house CSA approved lab.

Many Other Gas Fireplaces

No significant heat
As a decorative fireplace, many gas fireplaces don’t provide a significant amount of heat.

Convective heat with a fan
Fireplaces often depend on electric fans to convect heat. But electric fans can be noisy and won’t work in the event of a power outage.

Regular steel burner
Steel burners may rust and fail under regular use.

Require electricity to run
Built-in fans and electronic ignitions require electricity to run.

Tempered Glass
Tempered glass alone cannot handle extreme heat.

Steel and Paint
Steel fireplaces can rust and break down. Low-cost wet paint can chip and fade.

Logs for decoration
Logs are created for aesthetics only, and don’t function as a heat source.

Adjustable heat
Turn fireplace on and off, and the flame up and down with a switch that is often in an awkward spot.

Don’t meet the minimum standards for a heater-rated fireplace.

Required to pass CSA testing.

What is Zone Heating?

Forced air central heating systems distribute heated air from a central furnace unit through ducts to various points in the home. The furnace burners cycle on and off as often as 3-4 times per hour depending on the thermostat’s setting and sensitivity. Typical furnace gas inputs range from 80,000 to 120,000 BTU/hr and are sized to heat the home in the very coldest weather.

During average heating weather, furnace “on cycle” times may be relatively short with the burners shutting down before peak efficiency is even reached. This results in reduced efficiencies through “cycling losses” (like a car’s mileage in stop and go traffic).

Room comfort levels fluctuate along with furnace heat cycles, sometimes warm one minute and cool the next. With central furnace systems, it’s often necessary to overheat portions of the home just to get comfortable in the area you wish to spend time. With a Valor, you enjoy increased comfort while reducing overall furnace usage.

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