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The Country Homes Power Difference:
We walk you through the entire installation process!

When you have your eye on a spa, we’ll come to your location for a FREE CONSULTATION.

We’ll consult on:

  • Desired spa placement location
  • Concrete
  • Electrical systems
  • and more to prepare for a smooth delivery!


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We know the quality of products we offer impact each and every one of our customers. You can rely on years of experience in the spa industry, that you are purchasing the best in class and will get expert service from LOCAL technicians.

Fun, Fitness & Relaxation

Add a swim spa to your backyard and watch your space turn into a luxurious retreat for the entire family and your friends! Rediscover the meaning of quality time, taking a break from cell phones and video games as friends and family experience this year-round staycation. The enriched lifestyle a swim spa brings to your home is enjoyed by children, parents and empty-nesters alike. Swim, play and entertain!

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Today’s lifestyles are filled with daily stress and tension making an evening of soothing hydrotherapy the kind of relaxation you deserve! Slide into a body-sculpted seat to enjoy a full body massage melting away the demands of the day. With easy touch controls, transform your hot tub or swim spa water temperature and massage jets to your comfort. Spas feature unique hydromassage jet positioning targeting back muscles, shoulders, hips and calves to reduce swelling, promote range of motion and improve flexibility.

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Hot Tub & Swimming Pool In One

The dual zone models from PDC Spas® feature not only a spacious 5 seat hot tub complete with body-hugging seats and lounger, but in addition, a fitness zone measuring an ample 14 feet for exercise and play.

Hot tub and fitness zones are controlled individually, heated and filtered separate from one another. Swim and exercise at a comfortable 84 degrees and then relax in the hot tub zone at a luxurious 102 degrees.

Operate both zones year-round or choose one or the other as you desire.

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For 75+ years, County Homes Power has built a reputation for providing quality customer service and products. Our service technicians are factory trained to provide you with peace of mind so you can enjoy your hot tub or swim spa for years to come.


Country Homes Power provides a full delivery service for your Hot Tub or Swim Spa. Our spa team will use different methods including spa dolly, heavy equipment trailers and man power to safely deliver your hot tub or swim spa to your home. Our years of experience ensure your hot tub is placed where you want. At the time of delivery, we can install any accessories that you need with your hot tub including the steps, handrails, cover or cover lifter system. Swim Spas can be delivered by crane. At home consultation is required prior to delivery to ensure adequate crane access.

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