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500 off bcs tractor attachment package 650 × 225

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BCS Tractor Model 718

The BCS Tractor Model 718 is lightweight, compact in size and features all-gear driven transmission and automotive clutch. And the 718 powers the same basic set of attachments.

A difference between the 710 and 718 model is that the 718 is powered by Honda’s commercial GX200 engine.

The second difference is the handlebar system. From the base of the steering column to the operator controls, the handlebar system screams user-friendliness and versatility.

  • Stationary positioning of the control rods eases wheel speed selection and PTO engagement.
  • Anti-vibration buffers are used at the base of the steering column to minimize the transfer of vibration generated by the attachment to the hands of the operator.
  • Seven vertical height position options are instantly available with the push of a lever. In combination with the three horizontal position options, the operator has easy access to 21 different handlebar positions

The last two features are particularly helpful when sickle bar mowing steep slopes, under semi-dwarf fruit trees, and under fencing. When climbing a slope, the handles need to be lowered; when descending, they need to be raised, and when mowing across the slope, they need to be offset so the operator can comfortably walk alongside on the downhill side of the mower and maintain a vertical posture.

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MODEL: 718

Engine: Honda GX200
Electric Start Option: No
Transmission: All Gear Drive
Clutch Type: Double Cone, Spring-Loaded
Axle Configuration: Straight Axle; Optional ratcheting hub accessory
Working Gears: 2 forward, 2 reverse
Working Gear Speeds: 1st gear: 0.6 mpg; 2nd gear: 1.4 mph
Transport Gear Speed: 6.8 mph (rear-mount mode only)
Standard Wheel/Tire Size: 4x8x16″; Optional sizes: 4x10x18″ or 5x10x19.5″
Weight: 220 lbs (with 18” tiller); 242 lbs (with 20″ tiller)


All Gear Drive w/ Heat-treated Steel Gears & Embedded Ball Bearings
Double Cone Clutch
Convenient Shuttle-style Forward/Reverse Control
Easily Adjusted Anti-Vibration Handlebars w/ 180º Rotation
7 Vertical Handelbar Settings (front & rear)
3 Horizontal Handlebar Settings (front & rear)
Two Working Speeds in Each Direction
Transport Speed (rear-mount only)

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