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Eros Swim Spa

Brand: Platinum Spas

Compact, great value and perfect for family fun and fitness

The Eros swim spa is one of the most compact options in our range of swim spas. It’s a perfect choice for family fun and fitness and is equipped with four powerful pumps that can be directed to the swim jets, diverted to the hot tub end, or adjusted half-and-half.

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Swim Spa Specs

  • Size: 177″ x 89″ x 59″
  • Capacity/Seating: 5 People
  • Jets: 22
  • Pumps: 1 x 6 BHP (Seats), 3 x 6 BHP (Swim)
  • Electrical: 60 Amp / 240V
  • Weight: 2,602 lbs.
  • Heater: 5.5kw
  • Music: Bluetooth
  • Ozone
  • Premium LED Lighting

One color option for the shell and side panels
22 jets with an array of formations
Ozone water clarifier keeping your water clean
Keeping your water warm with the Platinum Premium Shield insulation
1 x 6BHP (hot tub) and 3 x 6BHP (swim spa) – LX Pumps, the industry’s most advanced pumps
Built with Aristech Acrylic – world leading supplier

Note: Manufacturer reserves the right to change their specifications. The customer is responsible for verifying the specifications at the time of ordering.

eros swim spa
eros swim spa jet layout

22 total jets

3 x swim jets
5 x 5 inch jets
6 x 3.5 inch jets
8 x 2 inch jets

Rotating jets
The rotating jet provides an intense pressure point massage. These are particularly effective at relieving tension in the back.

Directional jets
This style of directional jet provides a less intense pressure point massage. This is more effective to soothe aching muscles.

Eros Swim Spa Features


The Balboa Worldwide App (bwa™), is an app for your smart device (Android™ or iPhone®) that allows you to access your hot tub via a direct connection. Either connect to your local Wi-Fi network, or anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection to your smart device via 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi hot spots.

* With the bwa™ app, you can ensure that your hot tub will be ready whenever you want to take a dip.

Instead of going outside and pressing buttons on the topside panel, the app lets you start the hot tub and change settings from your smartphone or tablet. The app provides full interface control, so you can set the temperature, turn pumps on and off, and even set filtration cycles.

This system can be added as an option to any Platinum Spas hot tub.


The Platinum Spas Platinum Liquid Effects brings your hot tub experience alive with our innovative use of LEDs. With a range of mood-lifting multicolored LED lights, you will love your evening spa time when the sun goes down with the Platinum Illumination.

The Eros Swim Spa includes:

Waterline Lighting
Underwater Flood Lighting


Platinum Spas only use the highest quality components, which is why we have chosen globally renowned Balboa as our control system. Every Platinum Spas hot tub uses Balboa heaters, control panels and control board.

The Eros Swim Spa uses the Spa Touch 2 control board.

With a color screen and directional keypads, users can go through their settings with ease and have their Eros Swim Spa set up perfectly for their needs.


There is nothing better than a soothing massage while listening to your favorite music, radio station, podcast or even a book and achieving this has never been easier thanks to our Platinum Melody system.

This high-quality Bluetooth system is fitted as standard to all models and is very simple to use. Simply search, then connect your smartphone or model device to the hot tubs Bluetooth and away you go.

The Eros swim spa is the perfect swim spa for children to practice their swimming in. Although the Eros is one of our more compact swim spas, it is almost 15 feet in length, meaning there is still ample space for swimming or relaxing.

As well as being a swim spa, it delivers a quality hot tub experience. Providing everything you need for family enjoyment, the Eros is a special place to relax as well as a great place for swimming. You can also use this space to perform weightless exercise against the adjustable counter currents, low impact walking exercise is a popular choice.

The Eros includes powerful jets, water features and LED lights. Using 3 x 6BHP pumps in the swim section, the jet pressure is powerful, and therefore the hydrotherapy is exceptional.

This great value swim spa is built with a high quality Superior Aristech Acrylic finish and the Ozone water clarifying system.

With the latest innovations and technology, the Eros swim spa is designed to a very high specification and is full of impressive features to create a stunning swimming pool. Cutting-edge pump and heating technology ensures that the Eros is also economical to run.

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