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H6 Zero Clearance Gas Fireplace

Large-Sized Gas Fireplace
Models: 1400KN/KP
HeatShift™ Compatible

Structured as a large format fireplace, the H6 is inspired by features that are proven in the field. Although large in presence, the firebox design features tapered sides and a shallow depth for smooth installation in a variety of applications.

An impressive secondary heat exchanger circulates warm air naturally through convection. In addition, the custom fire beds are designed to project this radiant warmth to objects in your living space creating a steady, even heat.

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Model 1400KN

Max Input: 26,000
Min Input: 19,000
Max Output: 26,817
Energuide: 71.00%

Model 1400KP

Max Input: 26,000
Min Input: 15,000
Max Output: 26,928
Energuide: 71.00%

Gas Type: Natural Gas (NG) or Propane (LPG)
Viewing Area: 36 ⅛” w x 25 ½” h = 921″²
Safety Features: Barrier Screen

Valor HeatShift™ System

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