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Osaki OS Highpointe 4D Massage Chair



Osaki OS Highpointe 4D Massage Chair includes a slew of luxury features, such as a touchscreen controller, intelligent voice control, and 4D massage mechanism with heated pads.

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Product Name: Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D
Power Supply: 120V – 60Hz
Rate Frequency: 260W
Rate Timer: 10 / 20 / 30 min.
Maximum User Weight: 270 lbs

Dimensions (W x L x H)
Upright: 34.5″ x 61″ x 48″
Reclined: 34.5″ x 69″ x 41″
Shoulder Width: 22″
Seat Width: 21″

Dimensions of Packing (W x L x H)
Main Body Box: 58.5” x 31.7” x 38”
Armrest Box: 40” x 16.7” x 24.4”

Minimum Doorway Size
Assembled Width: 34.5″
Unassembled Width: 32.5″

Net Weight: 305.6 lbs
Gross Weight: 336 lbs

massage chair leg extension highpointe

Ultra Long Extension

To compliment the refined nature of this chair, the lagrest will automatically extend nearly 8 inches in order to find the optimal position for users of any height.

massage chair phone charger highpointe 1

Phone Charging Surface

Along with speakers to listen to your favorite music or audio book. Highpointe’s crips, high-fidelity, sourround sound bluetooth speakers are perfect to add to your relaxation.
massage chair controls highpointe

Shortcut Panel

1. Toggle Power
2. Pause/Play
3. Zero Gravity Mode
4. Speed
5. Auto Demo Mode
6. Leg/Foot Up
7. Leg/Foot Down
8. Backrest Up
9. Backrest Down
massage chair heat pads highpointe

6 Heating Zones

Battle tension and stress across the spectrum with Highpointe’s full body heat therapy. In addition to standard lumbar and calf heat, the Highpointe includes targeted heat along the chest and stomach. Simply place the heating shawl over your body to target these areas.
massage chair leg rollers highpointe

3 Rollers Foot and Calf Massage

Highpointe includes an all-important foot and calf massage, with two foot rollers and 1 calf roller massaging each foot.

Touchscreen Controller

Highpointe’s remote is now a touchscreen controller for easy navigation and adjustment settings. The massage chair provides 16 auto massage modes and 5 manual massage styles.

Intelligent Voice Control
With Highpointe’s voice control feature, you can easily utilize the chair without having to lift a finger. When you make a command, the chair will react accordingly.

Deep Calf Kneading
One of the most overlooked portions of modern massages is in the calves. The Highpointe pays close and personal attention to your legs with its proven Calf Kneading Function.

massage chair measurements highpointe

Space Saving Technology
With Highpointe’s Space Saving Technology, you can confidently place your chair up to 2 inches and still achieve a fully realized recline.

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