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Thank you for your reservation request.

One of our team members will call you to review your request and answer any questions. Once we confirm the details of your desired product reservation we will collect the refundable deposit to secure your product.

Refunding your deposit can be done before or after the product arrives. There is no risk to you. Once a deposit is refunded, you are taken out of the reservation process.

If you find the product you need in the meantime somewhere else, our feelings will not be hurt and we will welcome an easy deposit refund to you.

We can only reserve the product to you once we receive the physical product at our stores. After we have notified you that the product is in, we will hold the product for one week. Payment methods, delivery dates and financing decisions will need to be made within a reasonable time. If those decisions are not made, we cannot guarantee holding the product for you, but your initial deposit will be refunded.

You can change your original desired product to a different product with no penalties. This reservation is “first come, first serve”. Supplies will be limited.