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We carefully select spa brands with our customers in mind. Owning a spa should be fun and convenient. Most of our brands are made in the USA and built for luxurious relaxation, dependable performance and stress-free maintenance. If you have an old hot tub you’d like to trade-in, get a quote for the value of your hot tub.

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The Essential Series spa is our most affordable line of hot tubs that we carry. If you want a no-fuss hot tub experience, consider the Essential Series. Extremely low maintenance and durable, these spas offer the necessities of a great hot tub experience and look great doing it. Spa owners can rejuvenate in no time with plug and play options and great jet configurations.

Country Homes Power - Marquis Spas Spokane WA

Best Value

These hot tubs are energy efficient while still maintaining optimal hydrotherapy. This spa brand also focuses on safety with their exclusive SoftTouch™ material offers a slip resistant surface that is unrivaled. Viking Spas maintains an impeccable reputation within the spa industry with the best balance of features and value. If you’re looking for key spa features and quality at an affordable price, this is your spa.

We understand the desire and expectation of our customers, to see and consider pricing online. Due to supply chain issues, we are required to provide quotes that are current and accurate to spa specifications. Please call or complete our quote forms so that our team may quickly assist you with helpful information on a spa purchase decision – absolutely no obligations!

Country Homes Power - Marquis Spas Spokane WA

Leaders in Innovation

Strong® Spas are manufactured for luxury, comfort and innovation. The Strong® Spa hardcover models include a patented Dura-Shield System that’s unlike anything on the market. The unique hard cover is engineered to provide the toughest protection and ultimate thermal efficiency. The Strong® Spa cabinet is also of the utmost resiliency, durability and is maintenance-free.

Country Homes Power - Marquis Spas Spokane WA

Relaxation and Wellness

Made in the USA from start to finish for over 60 years, PDC Spas® is proud to be the most trusted name in the spa industry. This is a luxury spa brand that offers body-hugging designs and adds enriched performance to relaxation, wellness and fitness. PDC Spas® offers a full spectrum of hot tubs and swim spas to meet hydrotherapy and fitness needs.

Country Homes Power - Marquis Spas Spokane WA

The Ultimate Hot Tub Experience™

Made in the USA, Marquis is considered the best therapeutic hot tub brand. They offer perhaps the most valuable hydromassage system on the market. If you want to get the most out of a hot tub in terms of health benefits, Marquis is the spa brand for you.

Covana Hot Tub & Swim Spa Covers

Upgrade your experience and protect your investment with a completely automated spa cover that transforms into a gazebo.

Its water-tight seal reduces the spa’s heating costs due to its superior insulation value while, at the same time, preventing undesirable access.

Within 20 seconds, the cover will raise to create an elegant gazebo that protects you against storms and harmful ultraviolet radiations, providing you with an intimate, private space where you can dream, think and reflect, thanks to retractable shades available as an option.


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Spa Buyer Beware

Buy your spa with confidence! Learn the difference between local and traveling expos or buying online.


A hot tub is a great investment that may be enjoyed during any season of the year by you and your family. At Country Homes Power, our mission is to help you discover the perfect spa to fit your lifestyle. We have easy to operate plug and play styles and luxurious spas that are equipped with the latest technology and features. On average our customers find their perfect spa from $2,999 to $18,999. We would be happy to arrange an in-store demo for you and explain differences in series of hot tubs.
We have a great selection of hot tubs in stock at both of our showroom locations, with more arriving!

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